Taproom and Tours

Taproom and Tours

Taste the beers and take a tour of the brewery

What happens

We open up the brewery once a month to the public (these used to be called our Open Days), so you can find out what goes into brewing Grain beer, and hang out in the Taproom Bar enjoying a pint with friends. We’ll often have a bit of live music to keep you entertained, and you’ll usually find hot dogs for sale from the Flying Chef.

The Taproom and Tours days take place on the last Saturday of each month, starting up in March 2022.

Dates for 2022 are:

Saturday 26 March – 1pm until 5pm
Saturday 30 April – 1pm until 5pm
Saturday 28 May  Р1pm until 5pm
GRAIN FEST – Saturday 25 June – 2pm until 10pm
Saturday 30 July – 1pm until 5pm
Saturday 27 August – 1pm until 5pm
Saturday 24 September  Р1pm until 5pm
Saturday 29 October – 1pm until 5pm
Saturday 26 November – 1pm until 5pm
Saturday 17 December – 1pm until 5pm

The Taproom Bar

The Taproom is the heart of the brewery where you’ll have the opportunity to try some of the beers we brew at the brewery, and is the first stop to sample new brews. There’s a great atmosphere and you’re bound to bump into like-minded beer fans and make new friends.

If beer isn’t your thing, then we also have wines, G&T and soft drinks.

Children are welcome but it’s up to you to keep an eye on them. The same goes for dogs.

Brewery Tours

During the week the brewery is a busy hub of activity where all the magic happens. But for the Taproom and Tour day, we open up the brewhouse doors to give you an insight into what goes into the beer we brew, how we mash, and the difference between cask ale and lagered keg beer. If it’s ready, you’ll be able to try beer fresh from the tank.

You’ll leave as an expert with a thirst for more beer and beer knowledge.

Tours are at set times throughout the afternoon, just check the blackboard for the time of the next one.

The Grain Escape

We are trialling a new Escape Room style concept at the brewery Tap and Tour Days, that takes place in the bar, the brew house, and outside the brewery. Using a phone app and working out puzzles around the brewery, you will have all the excitement of an escape room, whilst learning about our beers and how we brew. See if you can beat your friends’ times.

Be a part of this exciting new idea, and email phil@grainbrewery.co.uk if you would like to play the Grain Escape at the next Tap and Tour Day.