Pilsener Pilsener Pilsener Pilsener


Grain pilsener lager - it's a local thing

Buy Pilsener for home

Pilsener is available in 440ml cans and 5 litre mini kegs, so you can enjoy it at home, or become everyone’s best friend when you turn up to a party swinging that party keg by your side.

Look out for cans in East Anglian shops and bars, or order direct from the brewery using our

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Buy Pilsener for your pub or bar

You can order cans for trade from us, but we also supply Pilsener in 30 Litre and 50 Litre stainless steel kegs using S-Type Sankey fittings, as well as Key Kegs.

If you are a pub and are interested in trying Pilsener on your bar, then

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What's special about our Pilsener

Brewed from locally grown barley, our great tasting Pilsener is as good as any continental lager, but brewed here in Norfolk.

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, Pilsener is both unfiltered and unpasteurised to hold in the malty flavours of Norfolk barley. We lager every batch at 0 degrees Celcsius to give it that authentic Czech pilsner taste, creating a superior crisp, smooth and full-flavoured lager.

It’s a multiple award winner too, and there you were, thinking we just did cask beer.

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