Grain Drive-Thru

Grain Drive-Thru

Latest Drive-Thru news

UPDATE 4 January 2022: After a break for Christmas, the Drive Thru is now back every Friday from 4 until 6. If that doesn’t work for you, visit Buy our Beer to find Click and Collect and Local Delivery options. Or send us an email.


We are through the worst of it, but are not ready just yet to re-open the shop, so we will keep the Drive Thru running for the time being. However, if you want to collect beer outside of the Drive Thru times, please email us to agree a time and day to collect.

The gazebo has gone, but you can now order and collect from the bar at the brewery doors.

Opening times:

Friday: 4pm to 6pm

Beers and Prices

Our cask beer is available freshly poured in 4 pint carry-outs for £10, or 18 pint beer boxes starting at £40 each.

Our keg beer is available in 5 Litre Mini-Kegs starting at £25 each

We also have a good selection of beers available in 500ml and 330ml bottles to take away.

Keep an eye on our social media to look out for any new beers and any updates to what we are up to.


It is always wise to pre-order as we sometimes run out of some items, and to find out what we have in stock, please send us an email

How we will keep you and us safe

We have more virus-killing chemicals in the brewery than you can shake a stick at – keeping bugs away from beer is what we do.

For small items you won’t even need to get out of your car. It’s a slick operation, but done in a very Norfolk way.


What to do when you get here

Enter the brewery from the village end of the site
Follow the signs and drive up to the bar outside the brewery doors
We will take your order and payment, then get your beer
If you can’t see us there, then just Beep-for-Beer
Head on out the other end and enjoy your weekend

If you can’t make the Drive Thru, email us to agree a time for collection.